A book based on Raul Emilio Pino's experiences and philosophical point of views. It is designed to help, instruct and educate youths while refreshing the memory of older generations. When carefully studied, it should help anyone find or restore the balance in their lives. Based on relationships of all sorts, jobs and street dangers, it is a guide that everyone should have. From techniques that could save your life to achieving a healthy mindset to getting a big promotion at work, this is the guide on real-life; everyday life.

Raul Emilio Pino studied Martial Arts from a very early age and became intrigued by its philosophical aspect, which made him open his mind. He also liked staying over at his grandmother's apartment which was located in a very bad neighborhood, and there is where he learned about malice. Then he studied human behavior and became aware of the ongoing problems with today's society. Now he has brought to light some old fashion teachings along with a twist of good modernistic behaviors that should help anyone.

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